Metadata Quick Reference Guide

Metadata FieldDescription
PictureImage of the arthropod. .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif file formats are accepted up to 24MB.
Photo CreditFirst name and last initial. Multiple names should be separated by commas.
LocationCity or general area of collection. Do not include home address.
Collection dateDate the arthropod was collected.
Captive/Cultivated?Captive/cultivated arthropods refer to those purchased from a store, lab-reared, or donated by an insectary. Wild-caught arthropods are those collected from the natural environment.
GroupThis is assigned based on your school or research group.
ObservationsEnvironmental observations – describe the habitat, distinguishing features, weather, arthropod behavior, etc.
Putative IdentificationIdentify at least to order, if possible. Select the most resolved classification group possible. The identification can be modified after DNA sequencing.
Arthropod not listed?If the taxonomic group is not listed above, enter here so that it may be added to the database.
Extraction kitDNA extraction method
DNA extraction locationArthropod DNA source (whole, abdomen, larval, other)
Gel imageImage of agarose gel (following gel electrophoresis) with properly labeled ladder, sample, and controls, and sample lane outlined. .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif file formats are accepted up to 24MB.
Gel electrophoresis systemType of gel electrophoresis system
BufferGel electrophoresis running buffer
DNA stainStain used to visualize DNA in gel electrophoresis
Protocol notesAdditional details about the experimental method. Were additional steps added? Did anything unexpected happen during the experiment? Were errors made? If unable to label the gel image, identify each lane here.
Wolbachia positiveIs the arthropod infected with Wolbachia?
Confidence levelWere you able to confidently detect Wolbachia based on quality and success of the controls? Rate your confidence level.
Explain your confidence levelDescribe results in terms of experimental controls. Did all of the controls work? Did the experiment go as planned?
Wolbachia 16S .fastaModified Wolbachia sequence file, after quality control (see Lab 5)
Wolbachia 16S .ab1Original Wolbachia sequencing chromatogram file (raw data)
Wolbachia 16S sequenceWolbachia sequence, text version of the .fasta sequence
Arthropod COI .fastaModified arthropod sequence file, after quality control (see Lab 5)
Arthropod COI .ab1Original arthropod sequencing chromatogram file (raw data)
Arthropod COI sequenceArthropod sequence, text version of the .fasta sequence