Lithobius forficatus LB2

Sample information

Photos by: Luej L.
Collection date 03/14/2024
Captive / Cultivated? Wild-caught
Group KantiWil

The test object was found in the forest under a rotten tree trunk on humid dirt. It was alone and crawling quickly below a leave.

Putative identification Arthropoda Myriapoda Chilopoda Lithobiomorpha Lithobiidae Lithobius Lithobius forficatus


Extraction kit Instagene Matrix
DNA extraction location Rear half
Single or Duplex PCR Duplex Reaction
Gel electrophoresis system Standard electrophoresis system
Buffer TAE
DNA stain SYBR Safe
Gel images
Protocol notes


Wolbachia presence No
Confidence level High
Explanation of confidence level

Although two bands are clearly visible only one of them counts (700 band for cytochrome oxidase). The other one that is lower than 430). This band was produced by a primer-dimear formation because of no sequence results.

Wolbachia 16S sequence
Arthropod COI sequence Download FASTA    Download AB1
BLAST at The Wolbachia Project   BLAST at NCBI
Summary The Lithobius forficatus was found to be negative for Wolbachia.
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