Drosophila 21

Sample information

Collection date 04/19/2022
Captive / Cultivated? Wild-caught
Group The Summit Country Day School

Wild caught drosophila at restaurant.

Putative identification Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Diptera Drosophilidae Drosophila Drosophila melanogaster


Extraction kit Thermoscientific GeneJet Genomic Purification
DNA extraction location Whole arthropod
Single or Duplex PCR Duplex Reaction
Gel electrophoresis system MiniPCR
Buffer TBE
DNA stain GelGreen
Gel images
Protocol notes

Standard DNA extraction, duplex PCR and gel electrophoresis per Discover the Microbe Within protocols.


Wolbachia presence No
Confidence level High
Explanation of confidence level

Wolbachia infected drosophila, Wolbachia uninfected drosophila and water controls all worked as expected.

Wolbachia 16S sequence
Arthropod COI sequence
Summary The Drosophila melanogaster was found to be negative for Wolbachia.
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