Collared Ant

Sample information

Photos by: Emilia S.
Collection date 09/24/2020
Captive / Cultivated? Wild-caught
Group Hillsboro High School

I collected this ant from under old damp wood. There were many more ants in this environment along with many other insect species. This ant was collected at around 5:30 pm and it was in the lower 70s outside.

Putative identification Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Hymenoptera Formicidae


Extraction kit DNeasy (Qiagen)
DNA extraction location Abdomen
Single or Duplex PCR
Gel electrophoresis system MiniPCR
Buffer TBE
DNA stain GelGreen
Gel images
Protocol notes


Wolbachia presence No
Confidence level High
Explanation of confidence level

I am very confident that this collared ant does not have Wolbachia because when looking at the gel electrophoresis results, there was no band present for Wolbachia positive. The results were viewed under different contrast levels, and under each level, there was no band present, so it is clear that there was no Wolbachia.

Wolbachia 16S sequence
Arthropod COI sequence
Summary The Formicidae was found to be negative for Wolbachia.
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