Immigrant Pavement Ant

Sample information

Photos by: Frances C-W
Collection date 10/02/2023
Captive / Cultivated? Wild-caught
Group St. Paul Academy and Summit School

Small brown Immigrant Pavement Ant

Putative identification Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Hymenoptera Formicidae Tetramorium Tetramorium immigrans


Extraction kit DNeasy (Qiagen) blood and tissue kit
DNA extraction location Whole arthropod
Single or Duplex PCR Single Reaction
Gel electrophoresis system MiniPCR
Buffer TBE
DNA stain GelGreen
Gel images
Protocol notes


Wolbachia presence Unknown
Confidence level Low
Explanation of confidence level

My arthropod DNA was injected in the last two rows, which you can see are completely blank in the image. Because there were no results in the gel, I can’t make an accurate assumption of the Wolbachia results of my ant.

Wolbachia 16S sequence
Arthropod COI sequence
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