Sehirus cinctus

Sample information

Photos by: Aisha S.
Collection date 09/05/2023
Captive / Cultivated? Wild-caught
Group Benedictine University

Small, black, and red insect with black markings on red abdominal region.

Putative identification Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Hemiptera Cydnidae Sehirus Sehirus cinctus


Extraction kit DNeasy (Qiagen) blood and tissue kit
DNA extraction location Whole arthropod
Single or Duplex PCR Single Reaction
Gel electrophoresis system Standard electrophoresis system
Buffer TAE
DNA stain SYBR Safe
Gel images
Protocol notes


Wolbachia presence Yes
Confidence level Medium
Explanation of confidence level

My confidence level is moderate because, the gel electrophoresis results showed a faint band positive for Wolbachia. The controls worked, the negative control was negative for Wolbachia and the positive control was positive for Wolbachia, there were no signs of contamination. However, in the class results for Sanger sequencing, only one came back positive for the presence of Wolbachia gene sequence and it wasn’t my arthropod.

Wolbachia 16S sequence Download AB1
Arthropod COI sequence Download FASTA    Download AB1
Summary The Sehirus cinctus was found to be postive for Wolbachia.
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